The Paper Mate Kilometrico is one of the direct competitors against inexpensive and disposable pens markets (mainly up against BiC Cristal). The pen provides a smooth, navy blue output of ink onto the page and writing with the Kilometrico is moderately smooth depending on what type of paper you write on.

Upon writing and, as with most inexpensively disposable pens, the Kilometrico lacks a grip-friendly surface, forcing the need to attatch a grip to the base to solve this problem. The ink upon writing towards the paper, produces an awkward smell which is noticable when the writier is facing 20 or so cm away from the paper. Humid weathers make writing with these pens a challenge. Despite lacking in a cap with a hole in it top prevent infants from sucking in and choking on it, the pen can never be left uncapped for some periods of time (as the user may have to scribble painstakingly to get the ink to come out again). The pen lacks in a clear body sot that the ink resevoir cannot be examined, resulting in a surprise emptiness of the pen. One should always keep a spare Kilometrico or any other backup pen as these pens expend their ink levels quickly, depending on how much you write with it (runs out approximately 50000 words or 1000 metres of writing length later).

The pen is favoured by most writers mainly because the writing smoothness is slighlty better than the BiC Cristal, but the reliability and duration does not match up to standards with its main competitor.

Many people would, however, remember the pens ability for its cap end clip to be flicked off at high speeds, demonstrating the immaturity and fun experiences with the Kilometrico pen back in the days of school.